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About Us

Nepal Tenders is an online portal for users to view all the tenders published on the current date. is of the thought that the information confined to the bid documents should be made freely available to every bidder prior to deciding to or not to bid. We work and strive to achieve just that here in Being a registered user will give you access to whatever bid documents we are able to collect. The bidder, on his part, can then read the bid document content carefully, and should he choose to proceed with the tender, bid for it.


Let us assume, that manual viewing of 10 newspapers everyday for published tenders should take around 30 minutes of time (hypothetically, or even more). If an organization has a dedicated sales executive for this purpose, who is being paid an amount of say Rs. 15000 a month just so he finds tenders that are suitable for his organization, then it would take him 900 minutes a month (or 15 hours) to do so. 15 hours of his time equates to Rs. 1875 per month. So the organization would be wasting 15 hours and an amount of Rs. 1875 monthly.

With, the equation changes dramatically. It will now take you less than 5 minutes to quickly view tenders published for the day without having to depend on other resources. 5 minutes a day would equate to 150 minutes a month (2.5 hours) or 2.5 * 125 = Rs. 313/month!!!